Black Jack – Exclusive Wash N Wear


Fabric: Wash N Wear
Fabric Length: 4.25 meters

Note: Actual color may vary 5-10% from the pictures

Black Jack – A soft durable fabric woven with two different yarns in parallel and one heavier softly-spun bulky filling yarn. Very soft Wash n Wear fabric with exquisite amount of weight for the fall and the single tone topping on it!
Best for Boski Feeling Fabric Lovers!
Available in 8 single tone shades!

Product Details:
• Fabric: Wash N Wear
• Length: 4.25 meters
• Width: 56~58 inches
• Type: Un-stitched
• Packaging: Rayyan’s Label Bag
• Feel: Soft and Smooth

Washing care:
• Do not use any type of bleach or stain removing chemical.
• Before stitching fabric should be soaked in lukewarm water for 2 hours.
• Wash color and white separately.
• Do not dry cotton fabric in direct sunlight.
• Can be dry clean if cotton.


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